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What We Do

We Provide Creative Building and Home Automation Solutions

Home Automation

Creating simple, functional user experiences accross the many disperate systems in a modern residential or commercial environment. Best-in-class selection of subsystems and integration into a seamless enviorment with multiple means of control - voice (Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri), mobile (HomeKit, GoogleHome), or completely automated features.

Building Energy Management Systems

Managing the energy and other needs in buildings efficiently and intelligently can have considerable benefits. Building energy management systems (BEMS) provide a sophisticated method to monitor and control the building's energy needs efficiently balancing multiple energy sources while continiously monitoring energy demands.

Access Control / Surveilance

Physical access control systems ranging from completely hidden electronic door locks to complete entry gate solutions. Traditional keypad/card credentials or BLE/NFC allowing smart phones to be used as a secure means of access. Modern megapixel IP camera systems with both private on-site and hosted video storage solutions.